§1. General terms

1.1. The following terms and conditions specify rules for the carriage of passengers and luggage by TAXI-TRANSFER Magdalena Grzeganek
, NIP 6272702802 and for the cooperation with third parties providing services in this area,

1.2. Used in these Terms and Conditions the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:
a. The Driver - a natural person performing the carriage of passengers and luggage under the terms of a contract with Taxi-Transfer,
b. The Passenger – a natural person (including a person with reduced mobility), a legal person or an organizational unit that uses taxi transfer service,
c. The Ordering Party - a person who orders taxi transport service, by phone, e-mail or through the application WhatsApp,
d. The Carrier - a company carrying passengers and their luggage
e. The Vehicle - a car used by the Driver to perform the carriage of passengers and their luggage,
f. Confirmation of Booking - a registered document confirming the acceptance of the order for carrying indicated person / people on a specified route, in a specified period, for a fixed price; and possible technical arrangements.
g. The contract for the carriage - a contract made at the time of confirming the booking by the Carrier concluded between the Carrier and the Passenger or the Ordering Party. Under this contract the Carrier is bound to carry the Passenger / Passengers and their luggage for a particular payment on a specified route,
h. Terms and Conditions - a document setting out the conditions for the carriage of passengers and luggage by TAXI-TRANSFER

§2 Booking and payment for the service

2.1. Making a reservation means entering into a contract for the carriage and acceptance of these Terms,

2.2. Booking is possible via the website taxi-trasnsfer.pl, email address transferkatowice@gmail.com, telephone number +48 888 426 888 and the application WhatsApp,

2.3. Each booking containing correct data, shall be confirmed by the company TAXI-TRANSFER, in case of not receiving the confirmation – please call the Company urgently,

2.4. The reservation must be made in advance, preferably 24 hours before the scheduled start of the transfer. In other cases, the service can be booked up to 12 hours before the start: via e-mail, sms and WhatsApp application, and less than 6 hours before the start only via telephone,

2.5. The Passenger or the Ordering Party assumes full responsibility for data submitted to the Carrier while booking via website, or by telephone, and the responsibility to verify the correctness of data, such as the date, time and place of pickup, the destination address, phone number and the Passenger’s personal information,

2.6 The payment for the service can be settled:

-in cash with the Driver in the following currencies PLN, EURO, USD

-by debit/credit card with the Driver

-by money transfer SWIFT: INGBPPLW, PL 98 1050 1243 1000 0092 2677 4868

2.7 After completing the service the Driver is required to print a receipt from the cash register or to bill. However, if the transport is done in a non-cash form, the company TAXI-TRANSFER is obliged to issue an invoice in an electronic form (PDF) and send it via e-mail – according to previous arrangements.

2.8 In case of delay of the plane, no additional costs are going to be charged (every arrival is monitored by means of an appropriate on-line application).

2.9 In case of delay due to luggage lost by the airlines and the fact that it is needed to report it to the airport service office by the Passenger, the Driver is entitled to claim additional costs associated with the taxi’s stop in the airport zone (parking fee) and the Driver’s waiting time.

2.10 In case of transport distance over 50 km, the Driver is entitled to claim an advance payment for the service.

§3 Carriage of people and luggage

3.1 Children under 18 are not allowed to travel unaccompanied, unless their legal guardian provide an adequate authorization beforehand,

3.2 The Passenger is entitled to take with him to the Vehicle: luggage that does not cause any damage or soil to the Vehicle, give off unpleasant smell, reduce visibility or impede driving,

3.3 It is forbidden to transport animals,

3.4 The Passenger that uses a wheelchair or with limited mobility is obliged to inform of this fact while booking the transport service,

3.5 The Passenger is liable for any damage caused to the Carrier (particularly any damage of the Vehicle equipment) under the general principles laid down in the Civil Code,

3.6 The Passenger that deliberately or as a consequence of negligence soils or damages the Vehicle is obliged to pay to the Carrier the equivalent of costs that the Carrier must pay to remove the damage.

3.7 The Passenger is required to use the seatbelts while traveling,

3.8 The Passenger is covered by the Carrier’s Accident Insurance. The insurance covers only the situations that may happen during the Passenger’s stay in the Vehicle,

3.9 The Carrier is entitled to refuse to take the Passenger or continue the transport without reimbursement of costs incurred by the Passenger if he or she:

a) does not obey the rules of these Terms and Conditions,

b) seems to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs,

c) is a nuisance to the Carrier

Exercising by the Carrier the rights that are mentioned in this article does not entitled the Passenger to claim any damages, reimbursement of potential costs or legal consequences.

3.10 The Carrier uses best efforts to carry the Passenger and his/her luggage in appropriate time, but he cannot guarantee this for reasons beyond his control,

3.11 In case the plane is late more than 60 minutes, the Carrier is not obliged to wait for the Passenger if the Passenger does not inform the Carrier of the delay,

3.12 It is forbidden to consume food, drinks (especially alcohol) or smoke cigarettes in the Vehicle. In case of soiling the Vehicle, the Carrier is entitled to claim costs for removing the damage – as outlined in article 3.6.

§ 4 Cancellation and reimbursements

4.1 Cancellation or changing the date/time must be done without delay, yet no later than 3 hours before the date/time of departure noted in the Confirmation of Booking,

4.2 In case of cancellation of taxi transport service less than 3 hours before the departure or the Passenger’s pick-up from a designated place (date and time of the written or e-mail notification is taken into consideration) the Carrier is entitled to bill the Passenger or the Ordering Party 100% arranged costs of the service.

§ 5 Exclusions

5.1 The Carrier is not liable for any delays and their consequences caused by administrative agents (police controls/Inspection of Road Transport) or other reasons independent of the Carrier ( for example, weather conditions, traffic obstructions),

§ 6 Complaints

6.1 Complaints connected with performing the contract of transport service should be sent to the Carrier’s e-mail address: transferkatowice@gmail.com within 7 days of the circumstances being complained about. The Passenger and the Ordering Party are entitled to submit a complaint.

6.2 The Carrier consider the complaint within 14 days from the date when he received it via e-mail.





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